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A full roof replacement isn’t always necessary, but if you ignore routine maintenance - it’s a sure bet! Save thousands of dollars that you aren’t ready to spend with an annual roof tune-up.

What is a Roof Tune-Up?

A Roof Tune-Up is designed to keep your roof in tip-top shape, so it can keep your home safe and dry.  Regular maintenance on your roof will extend the life of your roof and help you prevent costly damages.

In comparison, a roof repair usually focuses on a single problem that pops up when your roof fails. A Roof Tune-Up maintains your roof to prevent several of the most common roofing issues so your roof doesn't fail.

Why a Roof Tune-Up makes financial sense?

On average, a new roof costs over $14,000. So, we want to help you by doing everything possible to preserve your current roof and avoid costly replacements.

What does the Roof Tune-Up Package include?

Clogged gutters, loose flashing, unsealed nails, and other common roofing issues need to be fixed before cause your roof to fail.

Our full Roof Tune-Up Package includes:

  • A full roof inspection

  • Resealing exposed nail heads

  • Resealing pipe collars

  • Securing loose flashing

  • Repairing nail pops and under-driven nails

  • Cleaning gutters

Let's talk price:

Our full Roof Tune-Up Package is priced at the low price of $349

Sound good?


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